Saturday, September 29, 2007

Some random stuff

Okay so before I go on about losing my mind chasing a two year old around a bowling alley .
I am sitting here with my iced tea and Yoplait yogurt. I have been saving my pink lids and intend on sending them in in my mother in laws name. They will donate money to a breast cancer foundation for every lid you send in. So go buy Yoplait yogurt, send your pink lids in, and help make a difference in breast cancer research., while helping to keep yourself healthy. I buy the 8 pack and they are labeled as such.... This is important, do your yearly exams, get your mammogram when you should, and stay on top of your health. The better on top of it you are, the easier it is for you to know if something is wrong, even when the doctor's say everything is fine. Because, not all breast cancer comes in the form of a lump either.

OKAY, SO we went to a birthday party for a friend of my sons from his preschool. I loved adult time, and met with some people we haven't seen since school got out last year. Even exchanged numbers with a couple of them. I also spent a great deal of the time chasing my two year old daughter from one end of the alley to the other. In the process of running late to the party, I apparently forgot the stroller was no longer in the car. However, as wore out as that has made me, she behaved fairly well. the bowling alley is still standing, Nothing was burned down, and we are alive and well, so over all the human tornado managed to not get us kicked out and have public socialization, like normal people. Yes, we ended up in a different lane a couple times, yes we wore cake, yes we spilled soda, yes we did time out, yes we played in the sink after telling me she had to go pee - something i was hoping she would do- but was just an excuse to play in the sink. We played video games, we watched big brother bowl. We made it out alive.
So now that leaves me debating what to do for my son's birthday. Not so sure anymore.... see it's a toss up between kids running around a bowling alley and not having to cook or clean the mess, or my house and having to cook and clean, but the kids can run around the back yard. Who knows we may just do cake with our friends and family, and try to keep it small. Although just friends and family is at least 20 people, so that is still a lot.
When does this get easier?
Oh and while you're sitting here reading about my boring life....
go watch this video, i can so relate

some mom-isms

Stop hiding the crayons,
stop coloring on the wall , no that doesn't mean the floor is meant to be colored on either
Where did all your clothes go?
Turn the TV off
Do your homework
No I don't know where you hid your crayons.
if you miss the bus, you'll be walking this morning.
No I don't like " see food" so don't show it to me....
How did you get peanut butter in your hair?
Oh that's where my hair brush went
Don't pull the dogs tail.
Be nice to each other please.
Don't make me come in there....
Leave my phone alone please
Don't stick that in there
Your sister did what?
Why is there a crayon in the fan?
Stop playing in the toilet, it is not a pool.
Get your finger out of your nose.
Every body buckled?
Where did that M&M come from?
Get out of the toy box,
the lid to the toy box is not a slide, neither is your sisters mattress.
You put what up your nose? Why?
No you don't need coffee.
Go to bed
good night
i love you too
What did you break?
get out of the puppy's crate.
Don't kick the crate, you wonder why he doesn't want to play with you.
I could go on
Did you brush your teeth, wash your hands, flush the toilet, make your bed, clean your room?

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