Thursday, September 20, 2007

procrastinating for a few...

I hate laundry, hence the procrastination of sitting here on the computer instead. I hate folding it, I hate hanging it, I hate it. I don't mind loading it surprisingly, and if I was allowed I would live out of a laundry basket of clean clothes for the rest of my life. BUT that just adds to the clutter of my lived in house, so I deal with the folding and hanging and several loads a day.

SO, it's Thursday, one more day until Friday and everyone home for the weekend. Both my kids have an appointment for shots on Monday, so that should be interesting.Last time my son - my 5 year old son- kicked the nurse, pushed himself up to the wall and proceeded to bang his head into it. Thank goodness they both only need one for this appointment, and thank goodness I don't have to pay a co-pay for it since we won't be seeing the doctor that day. However, if he bangs his head this time we may have to see him anyway. Then he will probably go to school, and tell everyone his horror story. It will really depend on how he behaves and feels afterwards, although I do not condone missing school, I am also not an advocate for perfect attendance. I think it makes kids, well some kids, more stressed out than they need to be. I know several people who would go to school sick just to keep there perfect attendance. Sorry but that's not me. Everyone needs a break once in a while. However, my son is in kindergarten and thinks school is the coolest thing since sliced bread, so I'm pretty sure he'll still want to go after he gets his shots. I just hope this is his feeling when he is in middle or High school.


Heather's Haven said...

That's funny about school, cuz my 1st grader missed 2 days from being sick, and she cried and cried about missing, and then got upset at an awards thing this quarter, cuz she didn't get an attendance award. Of course, this was ALL my fault. I told her teacher the same thing you said, "please let her love school this much in junior high and beyond."

I enjoy reading your blog. So can relate to lots of it! :-)

Cassie said...

thank you for reading my blog. I know it's been viewed but didn't think anyone was actually reading it..LoL

I hope to teach my kids to enjoy learning, although I know they will go through that miserable preteen phase at some point. I love learning new things, but it took a high school English teacher to help me see that. I don't want my kids to hate knew knowledge, or have to wait until they find that teacher to help them see. I want to be that teacher that opens up their eyes to the world.
I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog. it's nice to know " you're not the only one" to go through stuff with kids. I am hoping to get some crazy pictures to add to my blog of things my kids have done or do.