Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Proving my vital existence to the Earth's rotation

So here I am at 5:50 am. I know you're thinking - " well lots of normal people are up around that time..." Yes, You are right, matter of fact my husband is just rolling out of bed to go to work.
I, however have been wide awake since 4 am... Yes, 4 AM . That's not including the many hours of interruptions either.... I have accomplished drinking 3 cups of coffee, starting a load of laundry, making 2 lunches (one for my son for school since he refuses to try anything in the cafeteria, the other so my husband stops spending $ 20.00 a day on lunch at Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Quiznos, Subway, and even Circle K when he gets a craving for Gizzard's and hot sauce - yuck BTW) , taking the dog out twice, giving a breathing treatment to my son, and kissing my hubby good-bye on his way out to work...thanking him for not getting the bucket of ice water to wake up both of our children. As grumpy as I was about being up that early, I was enjoying the quiet time too, something I don't get very often.
The worst part is I fell asleep around 10:30 last night, thinking " Yes, a good nights sleep tonight, it's not midnight and I am in bed. The cleaning can wait till nap time tomorrow." Then at midnight on the dot my son comes in crying, and telling me he is afraid of the dark... okay no problem, I'll scoot over closer to daddy,( thinking, well it's dark in here too? ) .Back to sleep by 12:30, I can handle this. Then at 1:30 my daughter comes in Crying. She refuses to sleep in her own bed since it has been converted from crib to toddler bed, and had apparently awoken without her brother and didn't like that too much.... so she climbs into the bed, kicking her brother in the face... he was out cold thank goodness.
So back to sleep by 2 am. Can I at least get back into that dream I was having? It's rare to dream of Heath( long haired Knights Tale Heath), Tom ( Risky business and Top Guns Tom though, not Mission Impossible jump on Oprah's couch Tom), and Johnny ( Jack Sparrow Johnny.... mmmm although Edward Scissorhands, 21 Jump street Johnny wasn't too bad either) all in one dream.... I guess that one is a lost cause again.
By 2:30 my son was coughing - again, so wide awake listening to him hack away, I wake him up at 3:00, give him a breathing treatment and a cookie- I don't know why But he only wanted ONE cookie instead of his usual 3 or 4 or the whole box. Okay, so we climb back into bed. Now my hubby is awake and not happy, so I argue with him for a minute about how this all came about, Have to hear how his Pamela Anderson dream was blown to smithereens, and to be honest I have no pity for him cause Heath, Johnny, and Tom are way better. Then The puppy that he brought home decides everyone is up so he needs to go out, instead of waiting until 5:30 when the "daddy" wakes up and takes him out and feeds him. I say , " Boo, no go back to sleep, it's too early." This is then followed by his reply of puppy whining ( which is cute, with the sad puppy eyes). My husband Says " Just take him out".... Well okay then, sure I do not need to try to sleep at all ( again my dream is drifting further out of my grasp), you need the extra half hour you will get if I go let the puppy out ( you know the puppy you brought home, and I said " YAY, another toddler , I can't wait " ).
So here I am, now on my fourth cup of coffee, telling the world about my morning, that most of you will probably just laugh at... and say stop complaining. Honestly, I'm not complaining. I love my family. I just don't like the fact they all seem to uphold the myth that when mommy goes to sleep the world stops turning and everyone will fall off. But I am enjoying my quiet time, with no motivation to clean yesterday's mess. Although I am proud that my husband remembered to take the trash to the curb, so I don't have to on the way to the bus stop at 8:30.... with a kindergartner, a toddler, and a puppy.
So far the rest of my day will be spent with a cranky little girl - since she didn't sleep well last night either- cleaning and replacing the cell phone ( I hope) that she sent swimming in the puppy's water bowl, unless by some miracle it decides to work again , which is doubtful since I will now be purchasing phone # 4 since January.
Does anyone think It will be okay to take a nap at nap time? I mean there should be enough people awake and moving to keep the Earth turning so I can close my eyes for 30 minutes... Right?

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