Monday, September 3, 2007

Going on Vacation....

I say this a lot actually. I wish I was going on vacation, I desperately need one. Okay so I actually say " I'm going on vacation and changing my name" when my wonderful husband asks why I'm changing my name the reply is always " so it's harder to find me if I decide not to come back" or " so my sugar daddy doesn't find out I'm married with children"
But I would not and could not do this, I know what my house would look like when I returned ( oh and I love my kids too much :o) ) . I mean now it looks slightly ( okay more than slightly) lived in... I have clothes over flowing out of my laundry hamper, only because I just found the stash of clothes my kids, husband, and puppy have been hoarding under the beds, and behind the toilet. I have dishes in my sink, a husband still sleeping in my once made bed, my coffee pot is on, and I just don't have the heart to " magic"ally erase ( magic erasers are the greatest invention in the entire world ) my daughters beautiful pink, purple , and green art work from my walls. All of this adds character to my other wise not so exciting life ( I'm not lazy, I just get tired of cleaning the same things 50 times a day - I don't sleep because I do go to bed with a fairly clean house, but the family has to wake up sometime before the sun actually rises and fix that.)
I hate the " Are you working?" question that I get sometimes. Nope, I sit on my behind all day, eating bon bons, and tease my hair into the Peg Bundy poof. I love it, and I torment my husband. Seriously, I am a stay at home mom that wishes I could truly afford to work, but am trying to enjoy my kids as much as I can. Some people just don't understand I am a maid, chauffeur, doctor, nurse ( sometimes even minor surgeon - splinter removal is a big money maker ya know), chef, soccer coach, dance partner, really bad singer of Disney music, human dish washer, wife, teacher, tutor, seamstress, now PTA member, oh and some where in all of this I find time to make some money being a Stampin Up demonstrator ( although not an extremely successful one at times ) . Scrap booking is an expensive hobby, but I love it. Now how to afford it? Maybe I'll get lucky and win the lottery pay off all of our debt, and buy everything I ever wanted in the catalog... it's easier to dream, although I have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a visit from the cleaning fairy. But I tip well if she would ever show up, although the tooth fairy probably told her to steer clear of my house...
" Ya you know that Columbo house, stay away, the dog will try to eat you, her older kid will try to catch you, and the little one - even her mom says it's a good thing she is cute cause she will look at you with those big brown eyes, smile and try to pull your wings off...."

My son is telling me ( not asking politely with the manners he has been taught and I know he has, I've heard him use them - just never directed at me ) " That he needs chocolate milk"

Ya well I need my sanity, if anyone knows where sanity escapes to please send me directions, google maps and mapquest both told me they didn't know. Mine seems to have run away and left me hanging.

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