Thursday, October 25, 2007

I need a nap

It's been a while since I had a chance to post a blog....

Where to begin.
I had a tooth that was driving me absolutely insane.... well I had it pulled on Friday ( almost a week ago), actually 2 pulled that day. I am still miserable. I swear my jaw hurts worse than the actual teeth did. BUT i am not in agony any more. So that is a plus.

I am NEVER buying another Halloween costume again, we will make them by hand from now on.
My son has been saying for MONTHS he wanted to be a Skeleton, so we went to 3 stores to find him a skeleton costume. We found 2 at the last store we went to, one even glowed in the dark. So we walk through to the end of the aisle ( should have just turned around and went the way we came) , and what is there for his eyes to see. OPTIMUS PRIME. He took the skeletons out of the cart ( that we were going to try on) and grabbed the transformer costume. All it is, is a jump suit, a plastic mask, chest piece and blaster that goes on his arm/hand.... cost double the skeleton costumes, which were better quality. There was NO talking him out of it. SO we tried them on and he is Optimus Prime for Halloween.
Nope never again, it's cheaper to buy a pattern, some material and borrow my moms sewing machine.
My daughter is going to be a witch, which fits her better than anyone could imagine these days. Terrible two's are going full blast.
I am on a 3rd keyboard, as soda was Poured into the one given to me.... so 9.48 at Target, it works fine, better than I would have expected. ( Just for future reference if you end up needing a cheap keyboard LoL )

Is it nap time yet? I am so burnt out today and I have no idea why. I need a nap more than my child does today. I am an absolute grump... yet it is only lunch time.

So lets see,
Halloween, Field trip two days later, hopefully fireworks for the high school homecoming week skits, 3 day weekend, Substitute teacher training, Camping, Thanksgiving, my son's 6th birthday, then Christmas... where is all of this time going. It seems to be flying by. Or am I the only one that thinks so.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

ah, what a day!!!

I am sitting here at 1:22 am, sipping on my third cup of coffee. WHY?

originally at 10:00 tonight I was doing dishes, and folding laundry waiting for my husband to come home from work. I am now sitting here for 5 minutes not only to continue what I started, but for my 5 year old to get out of the shower.
We are now on our fourth night of puking.... sunday was my son, monday was my daughter, last night and tonight it is my son. He went to school yesterday, but will be home again tomorrow along with a visit to the doctor's to see what is wrong with him and how to fix it. Yay! My poor babies.I feel so bad for them. However, I am pretty sure that my daughter was sick from drinking whole milk. It just sat to heavy on her tummy, as usual.

It all just goes along with the kind of day we have been having.
Skylar was an imp all day. I got very little accomplished chasing her around today, and washing butter out of her hair.
Then my mom's friend calls several times ( I have my mom's cell phone) and asks for a ride to her doctor's, then for someone to pick her up at the park... why? because she was in a car accident on her way to the doctor's and managed to get a ride back to town, but not home. Me being who I am , call my mom with no answer. I Then call said friend back and offer to pick her up, but i had to stop at the store on the way back to her house. Well, I pick her up and she is calling my mom at home, to borrow her car. Well without being able to talk to my mom , she volunteered her car, also being the person she is.
As I am leaving my moms house, she gets a phone call. Her car has now been in an accident, and is no longer drivable. Same friend, 2 accidents in one day. So we spent our evening with my mom waiting to see her car arrive at the shop. The tow driver was very nice. My mom was not so thrilled. I mean she is not mad, she just can't believe this, her biggest thing is how to get to and from work. Her friends have let her borrow their truck for a day or two to get through the rest of the week and her own doctor's appointments.
Thank goodness for car insurance, thank goodness for the friend who borrowed the car for also having insurance. Now the problem is getting it fixed, as it is fixable, but the value on it is probably far less than it would cost to fix. We are hoping the insurance company doesn't decide to try to "total" it. It would be cheaper for them to total it, but then that leaves me still owing money on her loan....

Here is what we saw when the driver pulled in and unloaded it

so that was my day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

just some stuff

Ahhh where to begin.
Sometimes I think life just likes to laugh at me.....
My poor husband has been working his butt off. I miss him, but hey work is work. I am half way through the process for substitute teaching ( YAY)

So my husband went out fishing on Saturday night, after work. To be honest I was a little upset he wasn't coming straight home, but he deserved a night to take a break. Neithless to say he didn't catch anything, well the crabs don't count and he tossed them back too.....

He then took our son fishing on Sunday. I was semi- grateful. I had a little me time to get some things accomplished, well as much as I could with a cranky, tired, refused to take a nap, wanting her daddy two year old. Hey , it was her turn, we're all entitled to one of those kind of days.
Then hubby took our son to wal-mart , then to Pit Boss ( local BBQ restaurant my hubby works at ) to eat, then to my in-laws, then to Publix ( a grocery store ) because he forgot my sons juice for school when they were in Wal-Mart, then to McDonald's, then finally home at 8:30 at night. The poor kid was exhausted and had to be up for school the next day. So I go to climb into bed at midnight on Sunday night, only to hear a very disgusting noise in my sons room. Guess who decided to get sick, poor kid,he even tried to roll over and go back to sleep. let's just say he was not a happy boy when I made him get up and go into the bathroom, and get into the tub. My husband also was not happy when I made him get up to sit with him in the bathroom, and my daughter also because her shower radar started to go off. Well, I gave my husband 2 options:
1) sit with the kids in the shower
2) clean the puke , change the sheets, and lysol the room.
he chose the one he could tolerate. Most men can not and will not tolerate puke, even if it is their child's, and to be honest I am happy he chose the sitting with the kids vs the other, because he would have just made a bigger mess. So my son stayed home from school on Monday. I am however very positive he is not sick, but that it was a combination of fishing, then eating ( apparently without hand washing - verified by my husband) being in the sun most of the day, running around his grandparents house, and then McDonald's. He went to school on Tuesday.
Monday night was not much better though. My daughter has a bad habit of screaming till she pukes.... usually because whole milk doesn't sit well on her tummy, and she had whole milk- chocolate none the less - at my moms Monday night. It was her turn to be sick, and hosed down, luckily I knew it was coming so we were already hanging out in the bathroom. It just happened to be her turn. She was fine Tuesday.
Hoping today ( being it is 2 am on Wednesday morning ) goes much smoother. That everyone including the puppy are happy.
My husband has been pretty pleasant since his night off with the boys fishing, maybe we all need one of those.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I haven't been in here and posted something in a few days..... WHY? because I decided it was time to do some rearranging of the house.... and attempt to get everything reorganized.... It has officially taken me 3 days, but I have made some progress. My bedroom is finally a bedroom and not an office with a bed in it. My dining room is pretty much not there anymore, but that's okay. The table is still there with enough chairs for my kids to sit and eat at. I have a cable wire going from my bedroom into the kitchen/dining area and taped to the floor so no one trips on it ( but that is just temporary until I can afford to have the cable guys come out and re-wire my roadrunner account). The kids rooms are almost in their semi-permanent form. I have reference forms to drop off at my old work, for substituting. Things are starting to look up in our little world.... bills are starting to get caught up ( again- I still owe a lot on a specific credit card, and will be able to start taking care of that very soon too... YAY )

I went to the dentist yesterday. I HATE THE DENTIST, and I managed to come out of it alive. I have to get two teeth pulled in about 2 weeks, and have started talking about getting some other "shotty" dentist work fixed. I was shocked at how comfortable this office made me feel. We ( my tornado and I) were there for 2 hours yesterday, she stayed in her stroller and didn't break anything, and well they still had people in the waiting room when we left, so I guess the few times she did get upset and start yelling in Skylar language didn't hurt their business. Oh , and we got invited back for 2 extractions and a deep cleaning ( not looking forward to this, and it's scheduled 4 days before Christmas, so I may be eating mashed potato's for dinner that day.) It is a start to getting things to look up. My husband is going to go to see them soon too ( hoping that his work does not change their insurance plan this year, I finally found a dentist i like LoL- if that is even possible)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Am I a broken record?

I said the Phrase " Is your room clean so I can vacuum it?" 8 times in an hour and a half yesterday. I was making my bed, folding clothes and putting them away. My son came into my room 8 times to show me something, tell me something, hug me, kiss me, tell on his sister, and start the process all over again. I acknowledged him, looked at what he wanted, hugged him back, Told him I loved him, and asked , " is your room clean so I can vacuum it?" 8 times. He actually told me how many times I had asked him when i finally said " how many times do I have to ask ?"
I was shocked. He knew exactly, and was procrastinating. It reminded me of someone else I know... who you ask... well ME. I procrastinate till i can't any longer. Things get done, just not always when I plan on them being done. I go through phases where I get spurts of energy and scrub every crease and crevice in my house, and then days where the dishes and laundry are the only things done that day. So I can't complain about my son doing it too. He has good days and bad days, especially since I started putting things in garbage bags- it makes cleaning easier, and less to clean another day. I will say , I have made a chore chart for myself and it has made things much easier, certain things for certain days, and it keeps me from becoming overwhelmed with everyday chores and cleaning. Obviously there are things that have to be done every day, like dishes and laundry ( yes laundry is an every day chore in this house , even if it is only one load) and then there are weekly chores, like changing the sheets on the beds ( I save that for the weekend) but it has made life much, much easier. the kids have one too, although their's consists of brushing their teeth and bath, and putting dishes in the sink.

I just think I am going to record myself saying
Clean your room
leave the dog alone
why are you naked?
leave the computer alone
brush your teeth
and good night
since I use those phrases more than once , well more than 3 or 4 times a day.