Monday, October 1, 2007

Am I a broken record?

I said the Phrase " Is your room clean so I can vacuum it?" 8 times in an hour and a half yesterday. I was making my bed, folding clothes and putting them away. My son came into my room 8 times to show me something, tell me something, hug me, kiss me, tell on his sister, and start the process all over again. I acknowledged him, looked at what he wanted, hugged him back, Told him I loved him, and asked , " is your room clean so I can vacuum it?" 8 times. He actually told me how many times I had asked him when i finally said " how many times do I have to ask ?"
I was shocked. He knew exactly, and was procrastinating. It reminded me of someone else I know... who you ask... well ME. I procrastinate till i can't any longer. Things get done, just not always when I plan on them being done. I go through phases where I get spurts of energy and scrub every crease and crevice in my house, and then days where the dishes and laundry are the only things done that day. So I can't complain about my son doing it too. He has good days and bad days, especially since I started putting things in garbage bags- it makes cleaning easier, and less to clean another day. I will say , I have made a chore chart for myself and it has made things much easier, certain things for certain days, and it keeps me from becoming overwhelmed with everyday chores and cleaning. Obviously there are things that have to be done every day, like dishes and laundry ( yes laundry is an every day chore in this house , even if it is only one load) and then there are weekly chores, like changing the sheets on the beds ( I save that for the weekend) but it has made life much, much easier. the kids have one too, although their's consists of brushing their teeth and bath, and putting dishes in the sink.

I just think I am going to record myself saying
Clean your room
leave the dog alone
why are you naked?
leave the computer alone
brush your teeth
and good night
since I use those phrases more than once , well more than 3 or 4 times a day.

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