Thursday, October 4, 2007

I haven't been in here and posted something in a few days..... WHY? because I decided it was time to do some rearranging of the house.... and attempt to get everything reorganized.... It has officially taken me 3 days, but I have made some progress. My bedroom is finally a bedroom and not an office with a bed in it. My dining room is pretty much not there anymore, but that's okay. The table is still there with enough chairs for my kids to sit and eat at. I have a cable wire going from my bedroom into the kitchen/dining area and taped to the floor so no one trips on it ( but that is just temporary until I can afford to have the cable guys come out and re-wire my roadrunner account). The kids rooms are almost in their semi-permanent form. I have reference forms to drop off at my old work, for substituting. Things are starting to look up in our little world.... bills are starting to get caught up ( again- I still owe a lot on a specific credit card, and will be able to start taking care of that very soon too... YAY )

I went to the dentist yesterday. I HATE THE DENTIST, and I managed to come out of it alive. I have to get two teeth pulled in about 2 weeks, and have started talking about getting some other "shotty" dentist work fixed. I was shocked at how comfortable this office made me feel. We ( my tornado and I) were there for 2 hours yesterday, she stayed in her stroller and didn't break anything, and well they still had people in the waiting room when we left, so I guess the few times she did get upset and start yelling in Skylar language didn't hurt their business. Oh , and we got invited back for 2 extractions and a deep cleaning ( not looking forward to this, and it's scheduled 4 days before Christmas, so I may be eating mashed potato's for dinner that day.) It is a start to getting things to look up. My husband is going to go to see them soon too ( hoping that his work does not change their insurance plan this year, I finally found a dentist i like LoL- if that is even possible)

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