Thursday, October 25, 2007

I need a nap

It's been a while since I had a chance to post a blog....

Where to begin.
I had a tooth that was driving me absolutely insane.... well I had it pulled on Friday ( almost a week ago), actually 2 pulled that day. I am still miserable. I swear my jaw hurts worse than the actual teeth did. BUT i am not in agony any more. So that is a plus.

I am NEVER buying another Halloween costume again, we will make them by hand from now on.
My son has been saying for MONTHS he wanted to be a Skeleton, so we went to 3 stores to find him a skeleton costume. We found 2 at the last store we went to, one even glowed in the dark. So we walk through to the end of the aisle ( should have just turned around and went the way we came) , and what is there for his eyes to see. OPTIMUS PRIME. He took the skeletons out of the cart ( that we were going to try on) and grabbed the transformer costume. All it is, is a jump suit, a plastic mask, chest piece and blaster that goes on his arm/hand.... cost double the skeleton costumes, which were better quality. There was NO talking him out of it. SO we tried them on and he is Optimus Prime for Halloween.
Nope never again, it's cheaper to buy a pattern, some material and borrow my moms sewing machine.
My daughter is going to be a witch, which fits her better than anyone could imagine these days. Terrible two's are going full blast.
I am on a 3rd keyboard, as soda was Poured into the one given to me.... so 9.48 at Target, it works fine, better than I would have expected. ( Just for future reference if you end up needing a cheap keyboard LoL )

Is it nap time yet? I am so burnt out today and I have no idea why. I need a nap more than my child does today. I am an absolute grump... yet it is only lunch time.

So lets see,
Halloween, Field trip two days later, hopefully fireworks for the high school homecoming week skits, 3 day weekend, Substitute teacher training, Camping, Thanksgiving, my son's 6th birthday, then Christmas... where is all of this time going. It seems to be flying by. Or am I the only one that thinks so.

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