Monday, November 19, 2007

The holidays are here already?

The holidays are fast approaching, Thanksgiving is 3 days away, Black Friday shopping is 4 days away. Christmas is a little over a month away. Then the new year will start....
Where does time go so fast? We just sit around watching it fly by. We forget to sit down and take a few minutes to breathe, watch the grass grow, the wind blow, our kids grow out of their shoes.

We don't have a lot of money here, and won't for quite a while.... but the holidays always put me in a giving mood. Last year I picked up a couple gift cards for my garbage men to McDonald's and Ruby Tuesdays, and ended up giving them to a man and his dog sitting in front of Walmart. I know there are a lot of scammers out there, but he was not one of them, he was a well known, nice, homeless man from the area. It felt good. My son likes to give his change to the bell ringers, he knows we don't have much and scrape to get by, but we are scraping by and not everyone is....

So this year, I found a website ( had found it earlier this year actually, and just came back across it ).... it is they have a where to send link with a list of soldiers ( the direct link to the list is in my support the troops links on where to send ). I was browsing through the lists, and clicking here and there to view some requests, I think this year I may request an address, and pick up some movies, and a few odds and ends like Christmas lights, on sale while I am out shopping on the after Thanksgiving sales, packing up a few books that I have read and can pass on. On sale items, but something none the less. Maybe get ambitious and make some home made cards for the troops to send to friends and family and let my kids and sister write letters and color pictures to include in the box as well.... They also have a nice 2008 calendar that the money is used to keep the website running, I think we may be giving those for Christmas presents this year to the in-laws, my mom, and one to hang up here at home.

I think that with the stores preparing for the holidays in July makes some of us forget what the holidays are about. It's not the presents or the number of lights that we have up, or who gets on TV for the coolest light show. It is a time for thinking about others. Some stores are already playing Christmas music- they started before Halloween, I like Thanksgiving the food, the friends and family, just being thankful we are all here to share it together, I want to enjoy that before I start thinking about Christmas. But commercialization of the holidays is making that harder and harder to do. It is sad. Maybe that is why I get into the giving mood, because I hate it all being pushed on me to buy more and spend more, and be the most decorated. I don't know. I just want to do something nice for someone else, someone I don't even know.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. Most places here, in the United States are celebrating today - Monday, or at least giving everyone a much needed day off.
The thing is with the sales in the stores, and just the fact that most people are off today and had a 3 day weekend, we often forget what we had the break for.
SO, when doing your shopping, or watching TV or whatever it is you do on a break. Try to remember that Veterans day is a day to remember those who have fought for you. Our war hero's rarely get the acknowledgement that they truly deserve. Both current war and past war veteran's. These people were doing their jobs. They probably didn't like being separated from their families, sent to a strange country, then have to fight for their lives to come home in one piece. Today is a day for remembering ALL veterans, from the birth of our country to the current.
You may not agree with the war, or any of the past wars, but these men and women who fought, would have fought to protect you here in your own back yard. So if you see a soldier or know a war veteran try to remember to say thank you. If you know a military wife, try to remember to Thank her for the sacrifices she made ( or is making) while her husband was "working".

Thank You Staff Sargent Michael Schaeffer for the sacrifice you made. You left this world too early, but will always be remembered by those who knew you. You were brave, and saved lives the day you left us. RIP. Thank you Danielle. I did not know you and I wish I did. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. I am sorry you lost such a wonderful person so early. Mike was our hero. Do NOT ever be afraid to talk about him and what he did the day that he was taken from us. He is not just a hero here at home, but is a hero to the men he saved that day, losing his own life to save those in his platoon. THANK YOU. He truly was an amazing person. I was lucky to have known him, and to have grown up knowing his family.
Thank you Cody Grater for your sacrifice. I did not know you, but many people I know did. They say what a great person you were, and how proud you were to be a soldier. Thank you to Cody's family for everything you are and everything you have done.

Thank You to my soldiers - Frank, Gary, Jesse Jeremiah, and Chris. You are always in my thoughts. You guys are the best friends that I could have ever had when we were growing up, and are amazing people doing the things you are doing, now. Stay safe while you are fighting. Come home safe. Enjoy the time you have while you are home.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Random- Why not to send hubby shopping, and weather

Why you NEVER, EVER send a man to do your shopping for you.

I sent my husband with a handwritten grocery list. This list contained
Juice boxes
pull ups - store brand is cheaper

He comes home with a small , 20 something count, package of pull ups( Pampers) frozen pizzas, salami, bread, mayo.... OKAY wonderful, so what is our son taking in his lunch box for school this week, other than his sandwich? We did make it through one day of school, and honestly I give hubby credit, cause he went back to the store the next night and made sure he remembered juice and snacks.
Turns out he had rewritten the list on another piece of paper- adding the things he wanted or needed. I just looked at him with my evil grin- " Umm, wouldn't it have been easier to add onto the list I gave you, instead of hoping to write it all down from memory and add onto it?"

I'm hoping it gets warmer soon, because we are camping Thursday and Friday night and will probably be freezing our you know what's off. Yes, I am in the sunshine state, but once the humidity disappears it feels cold outside to all of us... LoL
Being an unofficial Floridian - I was born In Massachusetts, but have lived here since I was 5 ( so 20 years now) I have forgotten what cold is. We complain about our 95 degree summer, not including the heat index that makes it feel like 105. The humidity makes most of us miserable and want to hide in the air conditioning. Yes, we have heater's and YES we use them- a lot- once winter comes. The panhandle has been known to get snow. Believe it or not there are winter days I wish it would snow, it would actually warm up the air. My thing is, if it is going to get into the 30's at night, then let some flurries through. LoL , Just not this Thursday and Friday night.... when I am in a tent, with 2 little ones trying to cuddle up in between my husband and me.Sleeping in our sweat pants and seat shirts. I say this, but it is supposed to be in the 60's or 70's when we head that way. But ya know, Florida weather is beyond unpredictable

Saturday, November 3, 2007


My poor, poor neglected blog....

OKAY, so let's play catch up.....

I made it through one week.... I even managed to survive 2 teeth being pulled, despite being miserable for the week following...

Saturday I found out a dear friend passed away. He was young, Like 21 ( barely) young. He was smart, funny, talented, my son loved him so much. He was his pre - k teacher 2 years ago ( private, 3 days a week, for 3 hours a day, through the park and rec dept). His passing has made me realize even more that we really don't know how long we have on this planet, with our friends and family, and we should cherish every moment we have to share together. I am grateful to have gotten to know this person, and words can not express how sad I am to have to say good bye to him. I had a talk with my 5 year old about it, and we were okay.... thank goodness.

Sunday was pretty uneventful.Monday we missed the bus, oh and Tuesday we missed the bus....
had a parent teacher conference, and we're told our son is wonderful- great to hear cause sometimes I really am not sure. Oh and Missed the bus on Wednesday too.
Wednesday was a half day for my son, also his Halloween party, and Steve's Funeral. My daughter and I went to the funeral, picked my son up early ( by 15 minutes) and went to the get together after. It was nice to see so many people. My son played with Steve's little brother for a few... We walked out to the park, and the water works started( despite fighting them back) ... my five year old was being strong for me" Mommy, don't cry, I 'm here with you " bless him.
We came home and picked up the house, then got the kids in their costumes. My daughter was a witch and my son was Optimus Prime.... then went trick or treating and I think for my son's birthday we will fill a pinata with left over Halloween candy, way too much here...

Thursday we made it to the bus stop... Thursday night my son had his break down....
He and I were in the middle of the living room floor, crying.... he really got me, I was doing okay, but his " I miss Mr.Steve" will forever be etched in my memory. My poor baby.He had me in tears, which didn't help him much at all.
We talked and I reminded him of good memories, and got ready for bed..... I told him it's okay to miss someone. That he will always have his memories, and if he wanted to he could talk to Steve, but he won't get a response, but that Steve might hear him in heaven, and remember something they did together.

Friday- so we are now on today, we made it to the bus, 2 out of 5 - ummm not so good this week.... had pizza at my moms, fought with Nextel about replacing my phone, and still have to wait 2 days, possibly 3. My grandparents are coming sometime in the next two weeks and no one knows when. Should be eventful...