Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. Most places here, in the United States are celebrating today - Monday, or at least giving everyone a much needed day off.
The thing is with the sales in the stores, and just the fact that most people are off today and had a 3 day weekend, we often forget what we had the break for.
SO, when doing your shopping, or watching TV or whatever it is you do on a break. Try to remember that Veterans day is a day to remember those who have fought for you. Our war hero's rarely get the acknowledgement that they truly deserve. Both current war and past war veteran's. These people were doing their jobs. They probably didn't like being separated from their families, sent to a strange country, then have to fight for their lives to come home in one piece. Today is a day for remembering ALL veterans, from the birth of our country to the current.
You may not agree with the war, or any of the past wars, but these men and women who fought, would have fought to protect you here in your own back yard. So if you see a soldier or know a war veteran try to remember to say thank you. If you know a military wife, try to remember to Thank her for the sacrifices she made ( or is making) while her husband was "working".

Thank You Staff Sargent Michael Schaeffer for the sacrifice you made. You left this world too early, but will always be remembered by those who knew you. You were brave, and saved lives the day you left us. RIP. Thank you Danielle. I did not know you and I wish I did. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten. I am sorry you lost such a wonderful person so early. Mike was our hero. Do NOT ever be afraid to talk about him and what he did the day that he was taken from us. He is not just a hero here at home, but is a hero to the men he saved that day, losing his own life to save those in his platoon. THANK YOU. He truly was an amazing person. I was lucky to have known him, and to have grown up knowing his family.
Thank you Cody Grater for your sacrifice. I did not know you, but many people I know did. They say what a great person you were, and how proud you were to be a soldier. Thank you to Cody's family for everything you are and everything you have done.

Thank You to my soldiers - Frank, Gary, Jesse Jeremiah, and Chris. You are always in my thoughts. You guys are the best friends that I could have ever had when we were growing up, and are amazing people doing the things you are doing, now. Stay safe while you are fighting. Come home safe. Enjoy the time you have while you are home.

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