Sunday, November 11, 2007

Random- Why not to send hubby shopping, and weather

Why you NEVER, EVER send a man to do your shopping for you.

I sent my husband with a handwritten grocery list. This list contained
Juice boxes
pull ups - store brand is cheaper

He comes home with a small , 20 something count, package of pull ups( Pampers) frozen pizzas, salami, bread, mayo.... OKAY wonderful, so what is our son taking in his lunch box for school this week, other than his sandwich? We did make it through one day of school, and honestly I give hubby credit, cause he went back to the store the next night and made sure he remembered juice and snacks.
Turns out he had rewritten the list on another piece of paper- adding the things he wanted or needed. I just looked at him with my evil grin- " Umm, wouldn't it have been easier to add onto the list I gave you, instead of hoping to write it all down from memory and add onto it?"

I'm hoping it gets warmer soon, because we are camping Thursday and Friday night and will probably be freezing our you know what's off. Yes, I am in the sunshine state, but once the humidity disappears it feels cold outside to all of us... LoL
Being an unofficial Floridian - I was born In Massachusetts, but have lived here since I was 5 ( so 20 years now) I have forgotten what cold is. We complain about our 95 degree summer, not including the heat index that makes it feel like 105. The humidity makes most of us miserable and want to hide in the air conditioning. Yes, we have heater's and YES we use them- a lot- once winter comes. The panhandle has been known to get snow. Believe it or not there are winter days I wish it would snow, it would actually warm up the air. My thing is, if it is going to get into the 30's at night, then let some flurries through. LoL , Just not this Thursday and Friday night.... when I am in a tent, with 2 little ones trying to cuddle up in between my husband and me.Sleeping in our sweat pants and seat shirts. I say this, but it is supposed to be in the 60's or 70's when we head that way. But ya know, Florida weather is beyond unpredictable

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