Thursday, October 11, 2007

ah, what a day!!!

I am sitting here at 1:22 am, sipping on my third cup of coffee. WHY?

originally at 10:00 tonight I was doing dishes, and folding laundry waiting for my husband to come home from work. I am now sitting here for 5 minutes not only to continue what I started, but for my 5 year old to get out of the shower.
We are now on our fourth night of puking.... sunday was my son, monday was my daughter, last night and tonight it is my son. He went to school yesterday, but will be home again tomorrow along with a visit to the doctor's to see what is wrong with him and how to fix it. Yay! My poor babies.I feel so bad for them. However, I am pretty sure that my daughter was sick from drinking whole milk. It just sat to heavy on her tummy, as usual.

It all just goes along with the kind of day we have been having.
Skylar was an imp all day. I got very little accomplished chasing her around today, and washing butter out of her hair.
Then my mom's friend calls several times ( I have my mom's cell phone) and asks for a ride to her doctor's, then for someone to pick her up at the park... why? because she was in a car accident on her way to the doctor's and managed to get a ride back to town, but not home. Me being who I am , call my mom with no answer. I Then call said friend back and offer to pick her up, but i had to stop at the store on the way back to her house. Well, I pick her up and she is calling my mom at home, to borrow her car. Well without being able to talk to my mom , she volunteered her car, also being the person she is.
As I am leaving my moms house, she gets a phone call. Her car has now been in an accident, and is no longer drivable. Same friend, 2 accidents in one day. So we spent our evening with my mom waiting to see her car arrive at the shop. The tow driver was very nice. My mom was not so thrilled. I mean she is not mad, she just can't believe this, her biggest thing is how to get to and from work. Her friends have let her borrow their truck for a day or two to get through the rest of the week and her own doctor's appointments.
Thank goodness for car insurance, thank goodness for the friend who borrowed the car for also having insurance. Now the problem is getting it fixed, as it is fixable, but the value on it is probably far less than it would cost to fix. We are hoping the insurance company doesn't decide to try to "total" it. It would be cheaper for them to total it, but then that leaves me still owing money on her loan....

Here is what we saw when the driver pulled in and unloaded it

so that was my day.

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