Sunday, September 23, 2007

just some every day rambling, Oh and my mom is taking us on a mini vacation

It's been a while since I posted a blog and well the little one's are sleeping. So we'll be up all night, thank goodness for coffee. I just couldn't resist the silence of my house. Well, silence other than the 200 minutes of blues clue's that is playing in the background, that my husband is going to have a conniption over since it's in his PS2. I'll be hearing all about how I am wearing it out, it can't handle that, DVD's will wear out the laser. Well, then they shouldn't have said it can play DVD's and CD's . Plus, I bought it for him with my hard earned months of stamp money. :)

What's new... I am not looking forward to the shots tomorrow morning. I am not fond of this keyboard. I miss my old one, ya know the one with my fingers clicks worn into every key. This one just doesn't feel right, BUT I can not and should not complain. What would I have done without this one, umm probably cleaned my house.
I have almost given up on cleaning. Now anything left on the floor goes into a garbage bag with the individuals name written on it, including my husband, whom I 'd have thought learned not to leave clothes on the floor after the toilet incident, sadly I was mistaken.
However, I am more than excited that my mommy has heard the cry for a much needed vacation, as she needs one too. There are 13 years between my sister and I. She is 12, and already thinks she is grown. So my mom was going back and forth about taking her to visit family for Christmas and to see snow in Massachusetts, guess what she chose instead.....
Disney for an early birthday present for my son, who will be 6 in December.
We have two nights reserved at Fort Wilderness for her, my sister, my two little ones and hubby and myself. YAY, then we will be going to the Mickey's Merry Christmas party. 3 adults 3 children, so I will not be the only one chasing my 2 little monsters around. I love the camp ground at Disney. Yes, I may be crazy. I love pitching a tent ( of course mine is a miniature house at 109 sq foot plus a screen room attached to the front), roasting marshmallows, sleeping on an air mattress all cuddled up under a sleeping bag. However, Disney camping is a little different from back packing through the wilderness ( yes we have some of this is the lovely not so sunshine state of Florida ) . I mean they have pizza delivery service, and an all you can eat buffet at the campground, you can see the fireworks from the castle, a water parade, pools, snack bars, drinks ( mmmm I could go for a Disney Pina Colada right about now), golf cart rentals, even marshmallow roasting with Chip and Dale followed by a movie under the stars. No, it's definitely not your typical camping experience. OH, and my favorite part clean bathrooms and showers ( like cleaned a million times a day kind of clean, hmm I wonder how much it would cost to hire a Disney mouskeeper to come to my house once a month) the bathrooms are my favorite because I have seen some pretty yucky public bathrooms, I hate taking a potty training toddler into public bathrooms My daughter has to sit on every seat and touch everything insight.
So back to what I was saying, This is a much needed break from the realities of life, I mean how far from reality can you get - Its Walt Disney World ( which by the way I have been so many times in my life I could write a book about it, with all the useless facts I have come up with It drives my husband insane). We are going to the Christmas party and managed to get 7pm reservations at Liberty Tree tavern for dinner with Goofy and Minnie. Which went much easier than trying to get into chef Mickey's. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I love my mommy ( yes, I am 25 years old and she is still my mommy)
Now, my son who loves school, has already expressed the fact he has no problem missing one day before Thanksgiving break to go to Disney World, so I guess it's a definite. LoL
Now to find someone to watch the puppy for 2 nights, and bribe my husband to take a vacation day.
I spent my day cleaning some new art off of my walls, and folding laundry. AHHH, the story of my life. I so need this little break, even if it means more work when I get home from it.
Now to go and put the crib back together, since it's been converted to a toddler bed my toddler and her brother think it's so cool to take it apart every chance they get. The mattress ( I wish I knew how they managed this, although I wouldn't be surprised if the puppy helped them ) is now in my sons room so that should be fun returning it to the bed, all by myself.

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