Monday, September 24, 2007

Be yourself....

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes. I'll see you on the dark side of the moon - Pink Floyd Brain Damage

So, we made it through our shots today without a major catastrophe, no head banging this week.
My son is at school, my daughter is sleeping, and well my husband is also home sleeping. I decided I would sit here and blog for a few ( okay procrastinate on the cleaning - I'll be honest. I really don't want to pick up stuffed animal stuffing today from the puppy's chew toy), while listening to Dark Side of the moon - yes I do in fact know who Pink Floyd is, surprise I love the Beatles too... LoL, although apparently CKY just started playing so that would mean that my itunes is now on the next cd playlist , course it could also be set on random without me knowing it.
I love ALL kinds of music. If it sounds good to me, I'll listen to it. Pink Floyd, Beatles , CKY, Tool, Fergie, Hinder, Brad Paisley, Rolling Stones, Toby Keith, The Who, even Mozart and Bach, with the occasional Disney remixes cd in there somewhere. I love music. I always have. I was in band in middle and High school and marched my sophomore through senior years. I am proud to say that My high school went to states my senior year for the first time in 11 years. Music is a way to express emotions without saying what you feel. You know if I am angry or happy or just blah by what I listen to. I had a lot of friends who just couldn't understand how I could listen to country music, they " hated " it. It's one of those, if you allow yourself to be open minded you might be surprised what you could come to like. Instead of worrying about fitting in, dare to be different. My mom exposed me to all kinds of music when I was growing up. I am trying to do the same for my kids. I want them to know it's okay to be different and like different things. the people who will matter in their lives won't care what kind of music they listen to or the style of clothes they choose to wear, or the color their hair is dyed that week ( although hair dying is quite a ways a way - I had purple hair at one point... and I mean PURPLE not black cherry, it was also kool -aid red at one point too, my boyfriend at the time thought it was strange, but it didn't matter, plus he liked the attention from others about what color his girls hair would be that week) . True friends will like you for who you are. Besides there is nothing better than blaring the radio , with two little kids strapped in their car seat or booster seat dancing and singing " Hard Days Night" , " Money" , " Girls with Guitars", " It's a Small world ", or " Something to be Proud of" in the back , while driving with all the windows down and everyone staring at you like you are crazy. It's even better when you all have on your sun glasses, or hata blockers... LoL
It's good to be different, I mean if everyone was exactly the same life would be so boring.
I think that exposing children to the roots of today's music is important.... big band/swing, jazz, classic rock, rap, alternative etc. Yes, within boundaries as there are things they just don't need to hear at 5 and 2 years old, but diversity is the key. It will help them be diversified in other aspects of their lives. As they grow, they will form their own opinions, but at least they are able to make those decisions based on experience.

Okay so I strayed a bit. We made it through or appointment with out head banging and scaring the you know what out of every other kid in the lobby so that is a plus. I also managed to not lose my mind in the office. Despite the "Mom , Skylar stole my chair, make her get up " and " No, RJ , Mines" and " I love you RJ", " Mom you said no needles" . Which I told them both they were getting a shot today, so the " no needles" is him trying to make me feel a little guilty about it. I told him exactly what was going to happen ( he also cried because he thought he missed the bus after I had already explained I would be bringing him into school after the doctor's visit- just goes to show that men start the selective hearing process around toddler age, it's not something that comes on into adulthood) . We are good on Doctor's until March, unless of course someone gets sick between now and then, and I truly hope we are good this year with cold season. We were in the doctor's office at least once a month just passing the same cold germs back and forth between everyone in the house, but that comes with pre-school and now kindergarten.
Well I should probably finish cleaning and make lunch, my little one just woke up, and I have so much to do, I'm just lucky that as destructive as she can be ( my human tornado - seriously she herself could probably take out whole towns if she ever escaped) she is also my helper with her own vacuum and mop, and towel. Let's hope she is in the mood to help and not tear apart.

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