Monday, September 3, 2007

I love my kids...

I love my kids I really do, even when they make me pull my hair out.... so yes , Yay labor day weekend right? Ummm, 3 days home with my wonderful son, my husband, and my perfect daughter.Okay so it's half true. Most of the time they are wonderful.... MOST.

My weekend started Friday afternoon with my son getting off of the school bus and not saying - " I love you mommy and missed you today" but with " Mommy you're fat, I wish you could lose some pounds". Thanks bud, love you too, I wish I could lose some pounds also. Then about an hour later my 2 year old daughter is beating up her almost 6 year old brother, and him coming screaming out of his bedroom ( I think he still wants to send her back to where she came from- he's not sure though) " Mom, Skylar Hit me." I can't help but think, " Ya and you called me fat" LoL
Then my husband had his friends over playing poker, oh and drinking - guess who cleans up that mess.... Saturday umm same thing, accept I was able to escape to a baby shower for a few hours. Which was nice because I never get out of the house away from anyone, and we all need that break sometimes. Sunday we did the birthday thing next door, so I actually had some more social interaction... we get home, and my daughter decides to send my cell phone swimming in the puppy's water dish... YAY I have officially gone through 3 cell phones since New Years eve/day 2007, but I was smart this time - I added the insurance that everyone says " Oh I don't need that", well apparently I am one of those people who does in fact need it. Matter of fact if you know of any good insurance companies that will insure for " kid damage" please let me know, My walls need to be repainted, I'm working on my 4th cell phone for the year ( pretty sure before the year is over the cell phone company will tell me I have met my life time of discounted replacement phones), my car is a mess, there is milk on the windows, my screen has a baseball size hole in it... but why fix them , in 24 hours you would never know they were fixed.
Today my husband is taking a nap, from his long weekend of hanging out with friends, I am awake, as always- a friend of mine swears if I sleep the world would stop turning, so my kids were sent here to ensure that never happens. I couldn't sleep last night as usual ( maybe I should eliminate that second pot of coffee that gets me through the day) then as soon as I fell asleep at 5:30 this morning, my little miss sunshine wakes up screaming, so we watch carebears over and over around 6:30 AM, until daddy wakes up at 10... and now he's sleeping again, while I sit here and blog.
The funny part is that I love my family, even when I want to cry. I wouldn't change my kids for the world, my husband sometimes ( like when he forgets to put his clothes in the hamper that is even labeled DADDY, so he wouldn't forget- well he does forget. Or that invisible wall of stink that floats up from under the covers when he farts before I climb in....) .

So my advice to all new parents or soon to be new parents when they ask is
" learn to laugh at the things that would normally make you want to pull your hair out, because if you don't , you will be bald before you see your kids graduate."

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