Sunday, September 9, 2007

Funny things kids do or say

Okay, so I started thinking
1) I haven't posted a blog anywhere in 2 days
2) my kids come up with some good stuff.....

So My cell phone works, it just refuses to ring or work on speaker ( which is difficult to deal with as it is a nextel phone, oh and my husband refuses to replace it this time, so I'm on my own). YAY I have a phone ..... booooo - my daughter put the charger in the same water dish - except this happened while my hubby was in charge, so he is replacing the charger. She has got timing perfected, she'll wait till you are far enough away but can still see her to do these things.
When I catch her again, I'll post a picture of her climbing the shelves in the linen closet - remember I said my husband didn't believe when I said she climbed the pantry shelves to get my purse, well now he fully believes in the possibility.

A friend of ours is going in to have a c-section this week. I told my son that the baby will be here this week, and marked it on the calendar.
He then proceeded to count the days till then and says ," Hmmm, that doesn't give me much time." Okay... Time for what I ask him... " To teach Skylar how to be nice to a new baby" I don't know whether to be proud of him for thinking this and wanting to take the initiative, or to be thinking " OMG that doesn't give ME much time to teach her how to be nice to a new baby." Seriously, when people say " It's a good thing she's cute" they are not being facetious. She is one of the cutest kids I know ( not just saying that either), but she comes up with some crazy stuff, and loves to push all of the buttons, including the red one that says, " do not touch, will self destruct." She will be the one I am hunting down at midnight, probably with older brother in tow saying " I wanna come, I wanna see this", as he gives me directions to the party he " didn't" know about several hours earlier.
Kids can be manipulative when they want to be. It's truly a matter of learning how to deal with this. I think I am handling it well so far. I also have the advantage of not being an angel when I was a kid and Teenager. I mean I was an overall good kid, I was in band ( yes I marched, played the flute too), acting, and I played soccer for 10 years of my life including for my high school team. That mostly kept me busy and out of trouble. Mostly, I mean I did my fair share of partying in school too, who hasn't. I hope the experiences I had will help me be a better parent ( not saying my mom wasn't a good mom, I would not change her for anything, we had and have an awesome relationship, and she molded me into the person I am today, even on my myspace page under hero's she is the one and only listed). I mean I didn't give my mom a heart attack, although I am sure I came close several times, now my husband on the other hand, I am positive he came even closer than I did with his parents. Hence, where my little pistol gets her attitude from.

My son's latest is " I don't drink caffeine..." well okay. We try really hard to keep caffeine and soda, and sugar from our kids. Going out to dinner, we let them have a treat of soda occasionally. Too bad he has grown up enough to order coke or pepsi when we go out, because I used to order him sprite, ginger ale, or sierra mist. I just wish I knew where the " no caffeine" comment came from, and fell into my 5 year old's vocabulary.
Well, I am going to attempt a nap again today, since my daughter is sleeping, and my husband is " seperating cars by color" with my son.... apparently it is my sons new game... I guess we can call this his past time, so now it leaves my husband to decide what his new thing is. We'll see. Course my nap will only happen, after the dishes are done, the mattress is put back on my daughters bed ( apparently she and my son decided it is a new toy/slide), the dog water that just spilled across the kitchen floor, and the hair out of the bathroom sink. If I ever manage to nap, I then need to wake, start dinner and drag the little ones to the Black Hole known as Wal-Mart to get a new phone charger. I say black hole, because that place sucks you in, and tries very, very hard to not let you leave. Hence, a would be trip for a phone charger will result in:
a new car for the color collection, a new care bear, something for the new baby coming this week, dinner because I inevitably won't want to cook, boxers for my husband, socks for my son, lysol, febreeze and a magic eraser since they've been on my list for months and keep getting forgotten. Yet, we will still have to turn back around and start again because I will have forgotten the charger, which I went for in the first place.

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