Sunday, September 2, 2007

take a breath

here is another myspace blog... originally written in June...

Some days are harder than others. When the world seems to be stopping you just have to keep pushing yourself forward, when the world appears to fly by you just have to take a breath and try to enjoy every waking moment you have. Living for the moments that you share with the ones around you, only because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Don't linger on your past, because then you will never be able to enjoy the things that are standing there in front of you. Hold on to the good memories, learn from your mistakes, but don't linger on them, they are memories for a reason. They already happened. Just enjoy every moment that you have. Keep the good one's and take the bad ones as lessons learned.

Taking a breath in,

I take in every smile, every scream

I know one day you will not be so small,

I know one day that you will realize you are not invincible

That one day you will need me,

And the breath I breathe in today, watching you grow and play,

will be the breath that gets me through,

The hard times you will have.

I am your mommy, forever and ever.

I know that when you will tell me I am mean and unfair, and how much you don't like me, That deep down inside you'll remember my promise to be there for you no matter what.

The breath I take in today while watching you play,

Is my memory of you

sweet, and innocent, and always loving me,

That the breath today will be the breath tomorrow that pushed me through, to see the dawn.

That that breath today watching you run in the sprinklers, is the breath of tomorrow watching you play on the football field or be on stage. That the breath of tomorrow will be the same breath I breathe on your wedding day.Holding on to that memory.

Just taking in every moment that you have, while you grow. Holding on to it deep in my memory, so I never forget, when you were sweet, and innocent, and thought you were invincible.

Cassandra J Columbo 6/17/2007

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