Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My children like to drive me crazy. These are the days I hold them a little closer. I love them, dearly and even when I am upset I want them to know I still love them.
I have been at the end of my rope for a few days ( thinking it may be PMS though) .

So this morning started off letting the puppy out at 7:30 am, and watching him tangle himself around every toy in the back yard. In the process of un-tangling him, I step in a fresh pile of dog poop. Yup should have known it was time to crawl back into bed right then and there.

I get both kids up, hoping that my daughter would take her nap at normal time later in the day ( ha wishful thinking on my part), start my coffee, feed them breakfast, get the older one dressed for school, change the little one's pull up, pack lunch and head out the door to the bus stop. The puppy is now inside.
We make it to the bus on time this morning, which is better than missing it and being late like yesterday, RJ gets on the bus, I push Skylar home in the stroller. I unbuckle her, so we can go in and leave the stroller on the porch, she lets the puppy out. I chase the puppy while she laughs ( seriously she loves this stuff) and manage to catch him and get him back in, in which time she decides to sneak out. So now I must chase her and the umbrella stroller down the street back to the bus stop. I catch her, strap her into the stroller she was pushing, and we go home. She then screams bloody murder for a half hour because she was put in her room ( It was an easy punishment considering she was running down the street, not the sidewalk) , but time out doesn't start till we calm down. That and she screams at everything ( including the dining room chair she has decided to move into my room at the moment- I just want 5 minutes of quiet mommy time - not gonna happen)
I attempt to do my dishes and laundry, and she destroys her room, but I got most of both tasks done, then she destroys her brother's room. I about had a heart attack since I even cleaned the carpets in that room yesterday ( the puppy got a pull out of the trash yesterday, and apparently got into a fight with it, the pull up lost- so did my sons walls, ceiling, closet door, toy box, tv, bed, and floor- I had pull up gel everywhere) and she managed to pull every toy out of it's place- I'm sure because she was mad at me.
She also managed to color on my tile floor. So I will have that to clean tomorrow. We ate left over chicken and mac & cheese for lunch- should be nap time... nope. She ended up not napping until 3:00 so I got nothing else done. I am ready to cry. I stand out side and wait for the bus ( thank goodness she will come down to my driveway if I am not right at the corner - course she passes my house anyways to go around the block to the next stop) .
My husband calls at 3:44pm ( as soon as my son and I are in the house from the stop) and asks me to bring him a change of clothes, he's covering a shift at a restaurant. Okay great, sure I'll get right on that, did you forget parent night is at 5:00 this evening? So I get dressed, wake the baby, get them a snack, find clothes for daddy, stop get gas, drive to the restaurant drop off the clothes, go to parents night 30 minutes late, leave that at 6:15, go to McDonald's to get dinner( since I didn't have time to make dinner) stop at my moms and sit with her for a while, just to sit with another adult. Come home, and watch Incredibles, waiting till the kids went to sleep. RJ just fell asleep and Skylar is still running around, Thank goodness my husband just walked in, so he chase her for a few, till he has enough and goes to bed.
It has been a " I wanna pull my hair out " day. But I have survived, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is calling my name, while my husband and daughter are quiet.... so good night all.

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