Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Six years ago on this very day:
I was home with my husband, sleeping, 6 months pregnant with our son.
My mom called and said to turn on the news, so we did.
A tragic accident had occurred a plane had crashed into the World Trade center ( American Airline Flight 11 at 8:46 am).
I remember thinking, wow, I hope that everyone is okay, I couldn't imagine an accident like that, How did it happen?
The news flashed back to live footage, I remember seeing at 9:03 am the second plane hit the second tower ( United Airlines flight 175). I forever have that image carved into my memory. At that point, I called my mom and told her it wasn't an accident, a second plane had crashed. " What world was I bringing my innocent child into?"
That whole day is as much a blur as it is a permanent memory in my mind. I will be telling my grand-children and great- grandchildren about this day in American History.
The plane that hit the pentagon flew right over a cousin's house( American Airlines Flight 77). She knew people inside, worked with them at any given point in her media career.
Believe it or not the plane that hits me the hardest is United Airlines flight 93. Yes, some of what occurred is speculation, but these people knew, they had knowledge the other flights may not have had, they were determined to stop another tragedy. Flight 93 may have saved more lived through their courage, and knowledge. The good-bye calls, the calls back and forth getting more information.
The families that lost loved ones on this Day 6 years ago are not forgotten in my home. I could not imagine the loss they felt, and still feel.
A local school custodian lost his son, Manuel Mojica, assisting in Rescue attempts made by FDNY. Yes, he was honored then, Manny was able to throw the first Pitch in a Devil Ray's game and visit with players, and see how proud people were of what his son did to save another. To see what all of those rescue workers did that day to save others, risking their own lives. A job they do every day of their lives. I wish I could personally thank every single one of those brave men and women who worked that day, and the following days, and volunteered to help.

I think we often take our public service men and women for granted, they should be thanked everyday for what they do. Sadly they are often forgotten in our daily lives.
We should try to get a long with our neighbors, be as close as we were in the time after this tragedy, I am more than afraid that as time goes on people will forget, or not want to talk about it and slowly phase it out of our lives. It is a part of our history, as much as it is anyone else's. Families from all over the world suffered losses September 11,2001. They should not be forgotten. Not learning from history and the past opens the door for things to occur again, for hatred to step in on un-suspecting people.
No I don't know all of the political background that led up to a tragedy such as 9/11. Honestly, it shouldn't matter, what should matter is the memory, and learning from it to keep it from happening again.
Lingering on the past is not the answer either. One should not have any regrets in how they felt or feel about that day. If you lost someone, they new you cared, just because. Love is much more powerful than anyone could ever truly understand.
Honor the ones lost that day, every day of your life. Not just one day on the anniversary of a tragedy. Let your fire department, police department, volunteer rescue workers, coast guard, military, even bank or air port security know how much you appreciate what they do. Often times they are not appreciated, yet they would give their lives to save yours. You don't have to agree with everything they say or do, but they would protect you or attempt to save your life if you needed help, without question.

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