Friday, September 7, 2007

Nap time... maybe?

Hoping it's truly nap time and my daughter isn't just playing with my head. I have so much to do and lately can not get it done. It's completely normal for a 2 year old to want your full attention and deserve it. It's also completely normal for them to destroy a freshly cleaned room and a made bed while you try to fold a load of laundry when they are still awake, or pretending to take a nap.
I have laundry to do, a floor to clean and probably re-clean. Thank goodness for my mom's floor cleaner. I will attempt to do the carpets again today too. If a certain little girl will let me accomplish the task.
My cell phone that went swimming in a puppy bowl, now works, but doesn't ring. SO, people can call me and I will never know. BUt hey I now have contact to the outside world once again. So thats a plus. Of course I have now realized ( I mean just now) that she thinks she is a puppy, and that could very well be why all of that came about. That phase started a few weeks ago when my husband brought a real puppy home with him. HMMMM is there a connection?
I have also decided that this new puppy has something against me. I clean and clean up after my kids. I cleaned the carpets last weekend, and this dog thinks its okay to poop on the carpet. I am telling you, he holds it in until he find an open door to a kids room and poops. ON PURPOSE. My husband thinks I am insane for feeling this way, and I should let the dog out more often. He is almost always out side, pees outside but wants to poop on the carpet. It kills me. Of course my daughter finds the humor in this. But she also thinks it's fun to let the puppy out the front door and play tag around the neighborhood, and pull on the poor things tail, something he has been handling quite well. I'm sure he thinks it's hilarious when she gets stuck in time out for doing this to him. He sits about 3 feet from her, and watches her kick and scream, all just out of her reach from her time out spot. I almost see a smile on the poor things face. I'm pretty sure this is his past time.
So lets see
Puppy- likes to watch the toddler in time out
Toddler - likes to pull puppy's tail and fight for a spot in my bed, oh and play in the toilet.

That means my son and husband should be coming up with some new thing to do to drive me insane, or just test my sanity.
You wonder why I laugh at all of this... I would truly be bald if I didn't. Or crying most of the time. Instead I laugh it off, walk a way( so I can breath and think about the proper way to handle things) and go read some " true mom confessions" and realize my life isn't so bad.

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