Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why is it I close my eyes and something breaks?

Okay, so it is true, I go to sleep and something stops working properly.

I fell asleep on the couch for all of, I dunno a half hour maybe an hour. I wake to my husband yelling and my daughter crying.... Okay what is going on.... apparently while I dozed, my hubby thought it would be okay to ignore everything else going on in the house. Not that I intentionally dozed off, but ya know- I actually think if everyone would have let me, I would have slept all night long.
So he goes to check on the older one that he had sent to bed, and discovers the little one ( oh how I wish he took a picture first- one of her and one of his face) with a towel and one of the ginormous ( not just enormous - you know the ones I mean) pink bouncy ball she owns, shoved in the toilet. I would love to see a picture just so I had some comprehension in how she managed this not so small feat. So he is mad, well livid with me at the moment. How dare I fall asleep? Apparently we have forgotten who was up before the butt crack of dawn this morning already. So he is trying to sleep, I am sitting here and she is watching care bears on the couch, and not happy about it, since after last night she thinks claiming my side of the bed as her own is a new past time....

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