Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today started one of the busiest weekends of my life. Especially since I haven't slept since my nap yesterday afternoon.
It never fails, just when I go to climb into bed, something or someone interrupts my dreams of peaceful slumber. I go to climb into bed at 2:00 am after cleaning and spending some quality time with hubby, and my daughter woke up with a nightmare . She didn't go back to sleep until 8:30 this morning. I however needed to be at a friends house by 10:00 am to help set up for her sisters baby shower. I went and helped with the set up, and planning, and came home took a shower, packed up and dressed both of my children and returned to the shower, an hour late. I helped with the take down of decorations, packing up of presents, took my canopy down out of the back yard so I would have it for my daughters party tomorrow, stopped by Pit Boss where my husband was covering a cooking shift to pick up the cake for tomorrow ( this way I don't have to run around like a nut tomorrow), dropped the cake off at our house, went back to Pit Boss to give my husband the shopping list and then proceeded to Walmart....
The original plan was that hubby would shop tonight after work, well that changed. I hate shopping as it is, and hate shopping even more when it involves two over tired children. My son was a help for the first 15 minutes. My daughter absolutely refused to cooperate, and in the end ended up completely surrounded by groceries in the cart, instead of seated properly in the front of the wagon. I then go to check out, and for some strange reason someone at Walmart who has decided to cut hours thinks that 8 regular registers and 2 express is more than enough for the 5:30 rush at the store. I choose a line to stand in, and end up standing there for 45 minutes. Then to top it off, trying to be prepared and all I had a case of Budweiser set at the front of my groceries WITH my ID sitting on top, and the cashier asks " Why is your ID here? " Ummm, because I am 26 years old, and your policy is to ID if I look younger than 35 ( now I know I have had one of those days, but there is no way I look 10 years older than I really am) I respond " Because of the case of beer" she looks at me and says " I don't need this yet, wait until I ask for it." Now, I didn't hand it to her, I wasn't standing there waving it in front of her, I set it on top of the case of beer, while I unloaded my groceries and chased 2 children around the aisle. This woman actually handed me back my ID, since it apparently was a huge distraction for her while she finished giving the guy in front of me his change. Then asked for it back. I was trying very hard to be cooperative, all i wanted to do was get out of that mad house with my groceries, and manage to have both of my children with me. She then asks again why I had my ID out before she asked for it... I lost it . " I had my ID out, because I knew you were going to ask for it, I had my ID out because I have a cart full of groceries, and 2 children not behaving in the store, that if you had taken any longer to check the 2 customers out in front of me I was going to be leaving my cart where it was and forgetting about the whole shopping experience, I was trying to save myself from digging through my purse and wallet, and also save the rest of the people behind me another 30 minute wait in line, since it has officially been 45 minutes of standing, with two children asking for candy and pokemon cards."
I hate Walmart so much, I hate shopping there, I hate that I really have no choice since they are the cheapest place in town, and I can get everything from Diapers to a watermelon, and a new package of underwear all at the same time. I hate that within a 20 mile radius 10 stores pop up on their store search, and that they are spaced out at 10 miles from each other. I can see more Walmart stores in a 20 minute drive then I do gas stations. The worst part is they know you can't help but be sucked in to the black hole, that you can't help but walk through their doors, and that they know they are putting every other place except Target out of business.
Now I have to finish cleaning, bathe the kids, and ship them off to bed, but I think I should probably attempt to serve dinner first, two and half hours in that store killed me worse than the entire night of no sleep, and the worst part is over 1/3 of those two and half hours of my life was spent standing in line and checking out. I just hate poor customer service. Then to top it off, the lady behind me walked the cashier through the process of a wic check including which buttons to push and when. I know wic is not easy, and is often a pain, but even when I was filling in on a register at Winn Dixie ( I was a Deli and seafood associate, and filled in when they got busy) I could do it in less time than this lady did, course I was smart enough to have a cheat sheet written out and on my register for things that I couldn't remember or procedures that had changed. I think I am more upset that they couldn't have had more registers open, knowing that all of the lines were at least 3 customers deep, mine was 5 deep not including me.
Hopefully tomorrow goes smoothly and I don't lose my mind before everyone leaves.

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